Caring for Your Ceramics


Our ceramics are handmade and hand-painted, so each one is wonderfully unique. There may be some slight dappling, grazing or grit to the surface of the glaze, and this is natural. These minor imperfections are not flaws, but part of the storytelling.

We want you to enjoy your ceramics for as long as possible, so we have a few simple tips:

- Before your first use, wash them by hand in hot soapy water, rinse and air dry.

- They are dishwasher safe, however constant machine washing can be harsh on the glaze so it’s good to do them by hand every so often.

- The base is unvarnished. This allows the ceramic to breathe and enables it to absorb and retain heat really well, so your food stays warm. However, please don’t put them in the oven!

- They are safe to use in the microwave and fridge.