Each one of our pieces is handmade in Southern Spain by ceramicists who have been making these very designs using the same techniques for over five centuries.

We have kept two of the original colorways, green and blue, and expanded the collection by adding yellow, coral, lilac, peach and black & white,  while keeping with the traditional designs of birds and flowers. Because the ceramics are made and painted by hand, each has a slight variation in its pattern and tells its own charming story.


In terms of sustainability, we knew wanted to work with craftspeople in their local workshops because of their small environmental footprint and inherent respect for natural resources. We have traveled straight to the original location and never intend to relocate them, their heritage and history are extremely valuable to our curated brand.


We are very proud to be the first company to curate a traditional assortment of Spanish ceramics that have never left their home before. To connect people to a style of traditional ceramics that we have treasured for so long means that the rich story will continue to be told for years to come.


Since we began this project we have had Juan the artisan by our side, even though he is in the south of Spain and we are in LA! He has been making and painting these ceramics for over 40 years. We spoke to him and he gave us a step by step run down of how he makes each piece. First he makes the terra-cotta bowl by hand on the wheel, then he puts it out to dry in the sunshine, this process varies depending on the time of year and the temperature.Then he puts it in the oven at 960º Centigrade, after that he varnishes the piece, paints the traditional designs and puts it back in the oven for another four hours. Its just him in the workshop making each piece from start to finish, each piece is entirely unique!

For behind the scenes of our ceramics in the making, click here!