Our Story

Pomelo Casa was by founded by Francesca de la Fuente (interior designer) and Maria Strada (stylist)


I grew up in southern Spain surrounded by these ceramics at home, my mother has always loved them, last summer when I was home visiting I was admiring them and thinking about how well they would do in LA which has so much Spanish influence in its design, homes and architecture already. When I got back to LA and started researching it I quickly started to realize it wasn’t as easy as I thought. These specific traditional ceramics had never been exported out of Europe before and I could only find 5 small workshops that made them! Once I managed to track down the workshop that had actually made the ceramics my mother had at home and they agreed to give it a go and send us some to LA I then realized there was the whole other side of importing, rules, etc. and didn’t know where to begin!    




I had a whole business plan put together to start importing Spanish sandals to the US, so I had done a lot of research on importing, the rules and logistics …but the friend I was going to do it with moved back to Spain and things kind of fell apart with that project. I was introduced to Francesca at  the beach last summer and she had just got back from Spain and was telling me about this new idea she had….it turned out we were both from the same place in Spain, we had grown up in the same town! I knew about there ceramics she was telling me about, everything clicked into place! and so Pomelo Casa came to life!