Pomelo Casa was by founded by interior designer Francesca de la Fuente who grew up in Southern Spain and now calls Los Angeles home 


A little bit about Francesca:

I grew up in southern Spain surrounded by these ceramics at home as my mother has always loved them. In the summer of 2018 when I was home visiting, I was admiring them and thinking about how well they would do in LA which has so much Spanish influence in its design, homes and architecture already. When I got back to LA and started researching, I quickly started to realize it wasn’t as easy as I thought. These specific, traditional ceramics had never been exported out of Europe before and I could only find five small workshops in Granada that produces them! I managed to track down the exact workshop that made the ceramics my mother had at home and they agreed to give it a go and start the adventure of selling these special ceramics in LA! That’s how Pomelo Casa came to life!

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